10 Cool Gadgets to make your mobile smarter

This is a list of the best cool gadgets for your mobile device, whether a mobile or a Tablet … these gadgets will make your device smarter.

In this list you will find gadgets that will facilitate everyday tasks, which will allow you to experience new technologies such as virtual reality, enhance the mobile device with loudspeaker, keep your mobile charged, monitor your health and enjoy the best games for Android with game controller.

1. NFC Smart Ring (No need to charge)

It is a magic ring that uses NFC technology to communicate with the mobile and in this way perform tasks like blocking apps, playing music, share links, text or files on the internet.

2. Google Cardboard

Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and economical way. This Gadgets only costs 15USD since it is made of cardboard only so you can love it and enjoy the virtual reality just by putting the phone, download the google application and search for 360 videos in youtube or VR games in Google play. More information here .

3. Aduro – wireless Bluetooth speaker

It’s a fascinating Bluetooth speaker to connect wirelessly with your Android device. But the difference of this speaker is that you can enjoy an extravagant light show as it incorporates LED lights that catch on with the rhythm of the music. It also incorporates a microphone so you can respond to your flames through the speaker.

4. Innoo Tech 10000mAh Portable Solar Charger

It is a solar charger with 2 USB ports to charge two devices at a time, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and features LED Flashlight. By all accounts is ideal to go camping or take it when you want to take an extreme ride.

5. SanDisk 32GB Wireless Flash Drive

Connect this pendrive to your Android phone wirelessly and access photos and media files on your phone. This is one of the most amazing Gadgets that works with any Android phone or PC. This way you do not have to be connecting and ejecting the MicroSD whenever you want to copy information or files.

6. Sphero 2.0: The Robotic Ball

This a Gadget to have fun: Robot, smart toy, gaming system. It is a sphere that has an app to do everything: play, learn, explore with your pet, friends or family. Watch the video to discover everything you can do:

7. Moto 360 – Smart Clock for Android

Considered the best Smart Watch for Android and iPhone where you can receive all the notifications of your smartphone and control a lot of applications like music, text messages, answering calls, taking pictures and much more.

8. iKey Smart Key Quick Button

Press the button and open any application on the lock screen quickly. This Quick Button can be customized to for example unlock the mobile, turn on the flashlight, take a photo / video, capture a screen or start a voice recording. Compatible with android version superior to Android 4.0.

9. Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad

Excellent control for games on android devices that connects via bluetooth 3.0. It works perfectly with any mobile phone and tablet or even with PC windows and Mac. In this way you can enjoy hours and hours with the best android games without having to touch the screen and make pulsations that are sometimes a bit cumbersome.

10. Xiaomi Mi Band smart bracelet

We close this top with this bracelet that has a heart rate monitor, pasometer, exercise tracker, sleep record, mood and reminder message. It is a health gadget that has the function of recording the date sport in every day, sleep quality monitoring, intelligent alarm clock. You can view physical activity in real time through mobile applications, monitor the effect of walking and running.

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