10 Most Amazing Electric Bike Inventions | Top 10 Best Pedal Assist Electric Bicycles 2017- 2018

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10 Most Amazing Electric Bike Inventions, e-bikes You Must See
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Don’t be fooled, an electric bicycle is not the same as a moped. Electric bikes have a battery on board but you still need to pedal at least some of the time. They’re limited in how fast the power can make them go, too, so once you’ve hit 15mph then the motor cuts out and it’s all down to you. Most electric bikes are pedal-assist, Panasonic make excellent batteries for bikes.
10 best electric bikes | Top 10 Best Pedal Assist Electric Bicycles 2017- 2018

Remember, when you’re using an electric bike, you’re carrying extra weight – often about 7kg or more compared to a regular bike. Electric bikes cost more than regular bikes, too. Bikes were tested on various terrains and any big variations from stated range noted – though the more effort you put in, the further they’ll go. If the battery does go flat, it’s not like an electric car: you can still pedal.

1. Raleigh Motus Hub Lowstep: £2,000, Raleigh
10 best electric bikes | Top 10 Best Pedal Assist Electric Bicycles 2017- 2018

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10 best electric bikes | Top 10 Best Pedal Assist Electric Bicycles 2017- 2018
10 Most Amazing Electric Bike Inventions

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