5 Amazing Bike Inventions You Need To See

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5 Amazing Bike Inventions You Need To See

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01- Swytch : http://www.swytchbike.com
02- Jolt Electric Bike : http://igg.me/at/jolt-electric-bike/x
03- VELLO BIKE+ : http://www.vello.bike
04- Rubbee X: http://www.rubbee.co.uk
05- Halfbike : http://halfbikes.com/

01- Swytch: Convert Any Bike Into An eBike
The world’s lightest, most affordable eBike kit. Switch in seconds!
02- JOLT eBike – The BEST Electric Bike on the PLANET!
NO Assembly Required – Fold/Unfold in 20 Seconds – 20 MPH – 50 Miles
03- VELLO BIKE+ The First Self-Charging Folding E-Bike
The lightest and most compact folding electric bicycle in the world! An ebike that will change the way you ride.
04- Rubbee X – The Ultimate E-bike Kit
Completely wireless. Regenerative braking. Expandable battery.The easiest way to make any bike electric.
05- Halfbike – a vehicle that awakens your natural instinct to move.

Make Any Bike An Electric Bike – 5 Incredible Bike Inventions

5 Incredible Bike Inventions You Need To See

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