5 Best Car gadgets in 2017

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You can buy the these Car gadgets visiting the following web adresses

► 14:00 ✔ Lanmodo
ⓊⓇⓁ ✈ www.lanmodo.com
๏̯͡๏ Are you tired of manual car covers that are complicated and waste time? Lanmodo car tent is easy to install with one-touch wireless remote. Automatically fold and unfold with a remote control, its open process takes 8 seconds and the total installation process only takes 30 seconds. Designed with a folding structure, it is portable to make sure you can use it everywhere when you park your car.

► 14:00 ✔ Turboblade
ⓊⓇⓁ ✈ https://goo.gl/wnReCR
– Nowadays there are two main types of car washing: on the one hand the car wash plant, which is the simple and fast option and on the other hand car washing by hand. For car owners who want to avoid scratch marks and want to achieve a immaculate result car washing by hand is the far better option.
– The biggest challenge in cleaning a car is drying it. Most people use a leather or microfiber cloth to dry the car, but then there´s the problem that´s caused by dogged residues – most of the time small grains – the painting of the car gets damaged.

► 14:00 ✔ ZUS Connected Car System by nonda
ⓊⓇⓁ ✈ https://goo.gl/GMsbXU
๏̯͡๏ The ZUS® Connected Car System enhances yours and your family’s driving safety with the newest technologies.
– Smart Backup Camera
– Smart Vehicle Health Monitor
– Smart Tire Safety Monitor
– All Compatible HD Music Adapter
– Smart Car Charger
– Car Key Finder

► 14:00 ✔ Argus FHD Display
ⓊⓇⓁ ✈ http://www.argusmirror.com/
ⓊⓇⓁ ✈ http://kck.st/2ud1LC9
๏̯͡๏ Argus is world’s first and only FHD full-screen display mirror system. Due to thousands of accidents directly or indirectly derived from blind spots and limited visibility of traditional rearview mirror, it is the core mission of Argus to assist drivers to “see” dangers and “avoid” accidents. Through innovative designs and advanced technologies, Argus has solemnly become the “Driver’s Guardian”.

► 14:00 ✔ Mobileye
ⓊⓇⓁ ✈ http://www.mobileye.com
๏̯͡๏ A passive system alerts the driver of a potentially dangerous situation so that the driver can take action to correct it. For example, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) alerts the driver of unintended/unindicated lane departure; Forward Collision Warning (FCW) indicates that under the current dynamics relative to the vehicle ahead, a collision is imminent. The driver then needs to brake in order to avoid the collision.


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