7 ANDROID Hacking apps that are unbelievable | NO ROOT | Jan 2018

Guys these are 7 Android hacking apps that are unbekievable and you should try them. These are new apps for 2018 so give a try.
In my knowledge i don’t think that hacking apps are those apps which are used for hacking rather than these are those apps to trick the system.

1. #BomBit
Using this app you can put a Sms bomber, call bomber, email bomber and even a Custom bomber on anybody.

sms bomber https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8uoC4kcaEnCd0FCSklWemw3WGc/view?usp=drivesdk

2. #QuickShort
Using this app you can access to hidden menu and hidden settings of your android mobile


MIC I am using https://goo.gl/B1fzsi
Camera using https://goo.gl/PdSEqt

3. #WhatsAgent
Using this app you can keep a track of Any number on whatsapp like online time.

4. #WiFiMap
Using this app you can see any publich WiFi password

5. #HackerKEYBOARD
This is based on keylogger and you can store your typed data in file. so if you type in your keyboard then it will be saved in your phone.

6. #Appvn
This is a great app to download any paid apps from playstore for free with ease

7. #Appcloner
using this app you can make clones of app with many features

8 #Weekendtricks app

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