5 Coolest Must-Have Car Gadgets

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5 Coolest Must-Have Car Gadgets

01- Radiomize : http://igg.me/at/radiomize/x
02- Carloudy : http://www.carloudy.com
03- TrapTap : http://igg.me/at/traptap/x
04- Roidmi 2s: http://igg.me/at/roidmi/x
05- CarDroid : http://www.uonmap.com

01-Radiomize – Turns Any Car Into A Smart Car
The world’s best steering wheel cover. Patented gesture-control experience that changes EVERYTHING!
02- Carloudy: Futuristic Head-Up Display on Your Windshield
Carloudy is World’s First E-Ink, Smart, Wireless Head Up Display for Every Car that Works Perfect Under Bright Sunlight and Evening.
03- TrapTap – The Simplest Speed Trap Indicator
TrapTap is a simple device that will warn you of speed traps & school zones.
04-Roidmi 2s: Seamlessly stream music to any car!
Listen to your favorite music, charge your device faster than ever. Only $29!
05-CarDroid – First Car Monitoring Device with Android™
Make sure your loved ones drive safely. Be the first to know in case of a car accident. Get the most precise car monitoring data.

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