Once you have the bare necessities down, it’s officially time to spoil your pet with accessories. We know your animal friend is part of the family, so you want to give them the best little extras to keep them happy, safe and comfortable.

The Pawdentify ID System includes a Tag and Links-It. Our new Links-It will be made with DuPont Kevlar fiber.

Each Tag has colorful graphics on one side and your pet’s ID – name, phone number, address, or whatever you’d like – on the other side. High-resolution graphics and ID are permanently infused into a renewably-sourced polymer Tag.

Attach Tags quickly and easily with Links-It. Thanks to our patented locking mechanism plus Kevlar, the material used in bulletproof vests, Links-It keeps tags securely on pets’ collars.

The doodie pocket makes for an easy, no mess disposal. It has one large ventilated window and two interior mesh pockets, designed for holding two, fresh-scented dryer sheets. Store your dog’s waste here while you walk, run, hike… until you reach a trash can!

Tikr is an interactive treat toy that will surprise and delight your doggy pal for prolonged periods of time. Fill tikr with treats, then set the length of playtime by turning the built-in timer dial. There are NO electronics to break, and NO batteries to charge or even replace. Yup, you read that right!

Dogs don’t care how their toys look, they just want to play. So why not make a beautiful dog toy, something that complements your home? With this in mind and other ideas on improving our dog’s favorite toys, we created The Odin, a puzzle treat toy that is beautiful for your home and fun for your dog.

Ideally, a leash should be an unconscious connection between the dog and human, adding safety and style, but not rigidity and weight. A non-leash leash. Part sculpture, part style accessory UnLeash is packed with performance.

UnLeash and CollarLess – http://kck.st/2momUTT
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