Apple Watch ⌚ alternative? (Hands-on/Unboxing) GT08 Smartwatch, Cam, SIM & MicroSD

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Apple Watch ⌚ alternative? (UNBOXING) GT08 Smartwatch, MTK6260A, Camera, SIM & TF Card support, 350mAh

– For iPhone or Android (in iOS there will be no MTK app)
– Display 1.5″ LCD 240x240px
– MTK6260A
– Aluminium alloy housing?
– 350maH battery
– Bluetooth 3.0

See all the specs here:

Questions & Answers:

Q: What app/apk can be installed to the phone?
A: Via a QR code you install the app called “BTNotificaton”

Q: Can you shoot pictures with the camera?
A: Yes, it can take pictures with the built-in front camera in the watch

Q: Can you text people and receive messages on this watch?
A: Yes, both is possible, it has a full QWERTY keyboard and built-in SIM card

Q: Does it have WiFi?
A: No WiFi connection only Data Accounts via SIM card

Q: Can you play MP3 music files on the watch?
A: Yes you can put MP3 on a microSD card, and from that play music directly on the watch!

Q: Does it have built-in SIM and microSD card slot?
A: Yes to both! and you can make calls over BT with a phone or use the local SIM in the watch

Q: Does it have a built-in microphone and speaker?
A: Yes to both, you can speak directly into the watch, and also hear everything

Q: Is it Android Wear? or Google? Can I make it Android Wear
A: No & no!

Q: Can I install extra games and apps on it?
A: No you can’t install games or apps on it

Q: Can you go on instagram, twitter, google, and YouTube on this?
A: No that is not possible, it doesn’t run with an own Android OS

Q: Does it work with IOS over Bluetooth connection?
A: Limited, only calls will work, not notifications or messages.

Q: Can you change themes and clock?
A: Yes, but only from 3 builtin themes, and 3 builtin clocks, you can’t add more

Q: Is it waterproof
A: No

Q: Can you watch pictures & videos?
A: Yes you can play avi videos and JPG pictures (no zoom possible) from microSD card

Q: Can it show docx, pdf or other special files files?
A: No

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